Why Critique Is Wonderful

I opened up my email to find a well-deserved and spot-on criticism from someone, and my first response was to stop breathing.

I don’t know what was worse –that she spoke my weakness out loud or that it was true.

And then I had this silly hope jump up inside of me.

I have tomorrow!

Yesterday, and maybe the 60 days before that, there was most certainly a lacking, but hurray for Tuesday -when I can wake up and know what’s missing and fix it, by the grace of God.

Critique is valuable when God adds tomorrow to it.  -christyfitzwater.com

And then I think how glorious it is to have surrendered my life to a Creator, someone who’s used to taking a big hunk of nothing and turning it into something.

This is what he does.

Always the old being made new.

Always the dirty being spiffed up.

Always the weak areas being fortified.

So I get to take this critique and flip it, as long as God keeps breathing life into me on a new day.

I find myself asking the Lord, How can I do this better tomorrow, because better is his forte.

“He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” (Revelation 21:5)

I bet you’ve received critique, too, probably from yourself, so look me in the eyes. I’m all leaning forward in my seat like a little kid.

You get another try! 

We are the people of the new day and the fresh mercies of God and the hope of change.


  1. You make my heart smile.

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