A Comforting Word for Your Hard Day

A Comforting Word for Your Hard Day -christyfitzwater.com

Let’s start with the Chinese food that I heated up in the microwave for lunch on Saturday. When I pulled out the plate, a piece of rice exploded and landed inside my nostril, burning me until I could retrieve it. There were no witnesses, but who could possibly make up such a thing?

Then there was my attempt to caulk the new trim that our friend kindly put in down in our basement. I followed the directions on the tinting caulk kit and felt quite proud that I figured out how to use the syringe to insert the paint and the thickening agent. Once that was done, I squeezed and squeezed that tube like a giant tube of toothpaste and could not get the caulk to come out. May I ask just one question? Why in the world didn’t the directions say, “Now put the caulk into a caulking gun for application.” I mean, people are just supposed to know these things? So I cried in frustration and gave up.

After that, I got into the shower to get ready for church. I was supposed to be there early to set up the Lord’s Supper trays, but when I got ready to leave I could not, for the life of me, find my glasses anywhere. It took me 15 minutes to find those, which meant I left late and had to hurry to get my job done.

After this serious of unfortunate events, I went to church and stood up to sing. Cried instead. We’re in the middle of moving, you know, and I was fried and everything was going wrong. “Lord,” I said, “Can I just come be with you and feel exhausted and have a good cry in church?” It certainly wasn’t a night when I was victoriously raising my hands and singing glory. It came out more like moaning and saying, “Oh Father, I’m so tired.”

So this message is for all of you who feel like you’re having a hot-rice-in-your-nose, can’t-figure-out-caulking, glasses-lost, weary-beyond-belief kind of season:

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. (Psalm 145:18 NIV)

Sit with Jesus and feel his love and acceptance. You don’t have to be awesome and hands raised in worship. He just wants you to come to him with the truth, “Here I am, Lord. I’m tired.” Let him see your tears and frustrations and fatigue, because he wants to come in close on days like this.


  1. Diane Nickerson says:

    I read this through my tears in the midst of a difficult season; so timely. Thank you!

    1. Oh, I’m sorry it’s a hard time for you. May the Lord continue to encourage your heart and give you what you need for this day.

  2. I’ve so been there (sans the rice in the nose part!)!! There is no tired like moving tired. I’ve moved eight times in the last 25 years and have been fairly sure that I wouldn’t survive it each and every time! So awesome to have Jesus pick up the pieces when we can’t cope.

  3. Jan Meyer says:

    Thank you and amen!

  4. Cheryl Cassin says:

    Had ‘one’ of those days? Too many to count. Thankfully God also gives us humour so that yes, believe it or not…some day in the future we will laugh about it. Rice in your nose. Squeezing the caulking without the gun. That day, that moment it all piles on top of you….added to weariness, worry, and even a ‘bad hair day’. But our God is so awesomely powerful that even through the hard days and tears, His love is all we need…..
    BLESSINGS to you!

  5. Mary Cathryne says:

    You have no idea how much I love this! I needed to hear every word. Thank you!!

  6. Lorilee A Mundfrom says:

    I am always tired! But I know I can rest in Jesus who cares immensely for me. It is His Grace that keeps me moving forward!

  7. Jeannette says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever experienced your Chinese food fiasco, but whose to say I wont?! No offense to you, but I really hope it doesn’t.
    On another note, I have been so tired that 1. I’ve met myself coming and going. 2. I have been so tired, I want someone to make me something to eat, then chew it for me and put it (gently!) in my mouth.
    #2 has yet to happen though because I live alone and don’t know the neighbors well enough to ask that favor. 🙂 🙂
    Thankfully, we do have a Heavenly Father who let’s us “sit on His lap” …..and He understands very well when we don’t have the words.
    Take care and thanks for your transparency! ! ♡♡

  8. This is absolutely the season I am in right now. Sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other seems difficult. Praising God through exhaustion. Trying to remember there is restoration in rest and He is ever present, especially here and now. I just love your perspective. Thank you.

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