You Do Know Prayer Is Hard Work?

I just spent the last two hours pacing my house like a caged animal.


I’ve been seeking God’s direction about something and just haven’t been able to put my finger on which way to go.

Can you imagine what it says to God –when we want to know His way so badly we can’t even sit down?

When we refuse to rest until we know.

Jesus says we are to bang on the doors of heaven until God answers and gives us what we need. (Luke 11:5-9 NIV)







Pacing back and forth. Throwing pebbles at the bedroom window.

Prayer is hard work.  -christyfitzwater.com

This is a persistent heart that refuses to go away until satisfied. What other house would we go to for help? What other door swings wide to such immense power and wisdom and good will and love?

Jesus says, “The door will be opened to you.”

So don’t slump your shoulders and go away empty handed.


Kick at the foot plate.

Bring a sleeping bag and camp out right on the porch if you need to. Might be a while, but the door will be opened.

“…I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” (Psalm 5:3 NIV)

You do expect an answer, don’t you?



  1. Hi Cristy: I love this prayer topic and knocking until I get a response. Tell me if you agree with me or not. I have come to a decision that if I keep knocking and banging etc, which is what I do and God gives me a peace but does not speak to me, I then think that either He is saying, “I will give you what you are asking for” or “The present situation is part of my plan for your life.”

    Am I wrong? or Nuts. Should I still keep banging away?
    thanks for your suggestion

    1. Well, as soon as the door is opened we can stop knocking. Of course, the answer to prayer is often “no” or “wait”, but I think when we truly love God’s will and seek it with great effort, even those difficult answers bring us peace and joy. Then our prayer turns to thanksgiving instead of banging.

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