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What Will Satisfy You Today?

My personal re-telling of Ezekiel 8…

He dug into the hole in the wall, as instructed. There he saw a doorway.

Opening the door and stepping in, letting his eyes adjust to the dark, he looked and saw pictures on the wall, from floor to ceiling, of all the things she had decided would finally make her happy.

All the if-onlys.

If only the new dress. If only the clean house. If only this many blog readers.

In front of them she stood, with a censer in her hand and a fragrant cloud of incense rising.

Please dress, I pray, make me feel beautiful.

Please house, I pray, make me feel like a good woman.

Please blog stats, I pray, make me feel important.

Have you seen what the women are doing in the darkness, each at the shrine of her own idol?

It is no trivial matter that we are trying to satisfy our soul cravings with anything but the love and knowledge of the living God.

Let this be the day we turn our backs to the always-inadequate pictures and walk out through the door, crawl through the hole in the wall, and stand in broad daylight. Leaving our secret idols behind and instead loving God with all our hearts.

Choose wisely what will satisfy you. -christyfitzwater.com

Please Lord, I pray, make me new.

Please Lord, I pray, make me a woman who reflects your glory.

Please Lord, I pray, remind me again today of the value you have placed on me by the gift of your Son.

With every empty feeling and every insecure thought, reaching for more than what can be chalked on a wall.


    1. I wish I had put the word freedom in that post -so thanks for saying it. Identifying and leaving our hidden idols is freeing, indeed!!

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