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I Will Call You This Most Wonderful Word

That preacher man made us do something glorious in church a few weeks ago, but he moved on too quickly, if you ask me. I wanted to shout out, Hold up, my love, can we just soak this in for a minute? 

In the middle of his sermon he said something like, Raise your hand if you’re not good enough to have received the love of God.

I felt the air move around me –all those hands flying up so fast. Like at my house if you say, Who wants a slushy? Oh yeah, those boys don’t stop and say, Hmmm. I wonder if I feel like drinking a slushy right now? No, their hands fly up, and they’re all, Me! Me! Me! Me! and telling me what flavor they want and could I please go right this very second.

Not good enough to have received the love of God?


But the preacher, in his button-up shirt and black dress shoes, said God has declared us righteous –those of us who have been covered by the sacrificial blood of Christ. 

Let us call each other this word.  -christyfitzwater.com

If Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the spirit is alive because of righteousness. (Romans 8:10)

This raised a question in my mind: What if we were to agree with God and declare each other righteous? Hmmm? I mean, you and God know I’m still falling short of glory every day, but what if you claim what I will be and call me that? Overlook the daily shortcomings maybe?

And what if I see Christ in you, and I simply choose to look right over the top of everything you do wrong and see your future completion instead?

I’ll say this word to you today, I can’t wait until you are the righteousness God has declared you to be. You will say you have messed up, but you can watch my eyes look up and not even see it.

Here’s to who we will be.


  1. I am learning to look up and not even see my own shortfalls and failures. The Bible tells me that God remembers them no more – so why do I dwell on them day and night? I won’t – I quit!! 😉 From now on I’m going to say about me, the same things God says about me.

    I am blessed of God! (Deut 28:1-14)
    I am redeemed in the Lord (Psalms 107:2)

    Have a beautiful day, Christy.

    1. I do think we refuse the very gospel of Christ when we dwell on our own shortcomings instead of receiving grace, but my problem is worrying about whether PEOPLE are going to give me grace. This is difficult, and I’m still sludging through all of this in my mind…

    2. Good word, Trixie. <3 This has been a major struggle for me all my life …. but little by little I am growing past it.

  2. Tina Gilbert says:

    I *love* this! Kinda gives me definition of what I’ve always *tried* to do: look past the faults of others & try to see them in their true light (the way Jesus sees them). But this post will help clarify & solidify that “trying” into more of an Action. It is also something I need to do for myself, believing I am precious to GOD & I’m righteous in Him, because I put myself down more than anyone else. You know what I mean? Thank you for the encouragement. ♡

    1. Oh my, I hear you. I definitely have an easier time giving grace to others than I do in giving it to myself. Working on it…

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