Does God Care If You Succeed?

Does God care if you succeed?  -christyfitzwater.com

I’ve had one goal over the last month –to help my students be prepared for their Spanish final.

Clearly communicating what they need to know.

Explaining the test again –and once more for the kid who says, So what will be on the test? 

Going over flashcards.

Practicing sentences.

Because their GPAs are counting on this exam.

Even more than that –my skills are counting on this exam. Have I taught them anything valuable this year, and have I done it very well? The thought of pulling out the red pen this afternoon makes me a little nauseous. It will make a mark for me, too.

This gives me new understanding of God the Teacher and how my success is all wrapped up in his reputation.

And I’m encouraged, because God cares a lot about his reputation.

For I am a great king, says the Lord Almighty, and my name is to be feared among the nations. (Malachi 1:14 NIV)

He will keep going over things with us –communicating, practicing, reviewing, correcting, helping, communicating again –for our success and his glory.

God is invested in how you’re doing today.