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While You Are Sleeping

While You Are Sleeping  -christyfitzwater.com

I stirred in bed, because my throat hurt. His hand reached out and rested on my shoulder.

If I am restless in the night, always the weight of his hand finds me.

“Rest, baby,” he says to me with a gentle touch.

Strong hands.

When our daughter was little, every night her daddy went into her bedroom, scooped her up, and rocked her while she slept.

“Don’t wake her up,” this momma would hiss at him.

“I’m going to hold my girl,” he would whisper to me.

And I would watch, as he held the little blondy in his arms for a long time –her fast asleep and unaware of the love coming from her daddy.

Strong arms.

Reaching out in the night to care for his girls.

And so this:

In the morning I will sing of your love.  (Psalm 59:16 NIV)

In the morning we sing of the love of God, because his gentle hand has been caring for us in the night. His strong arms holding us. His love expressed to us when we were restless or even when we weren’t.

In the morning we sing, because we know we are cared for in the dark hours. We have a God who is always mindful of us.

We are loved.