Trading Old Purpose for New

Hey guys! I’m not usually a poem person, except for the occasional Roses are Red… but one of my readers sent this to me, and it’s so full of her story and encouragement for all of us that I want to share it with you. She asked to stay quietly anonymous, but she was generous to send some pictures so you can see the actual mountains she talks about in her poem.

Sometimes we trade old purpose for new.  -christyfitzwater.com

Sometimes we trade old purpose for new.  -christyfitzwater.com

Sometimes we trade old purpose for new.  -christyfitzwater.com

What’s On Your Horizon?

Far away in the distance
where the Cascades reach the sky,
my gaze is captivated
by Mt. Baker rising high.

Whenever I run errands,
there it is! What a view!
A mountain on my horizon,
inspiring all I do.

To my west are the Olympics,
rising out of the Puget Sound.
To my south is Mt. Rainier.
I’ve got peaks in full surround.

When I look to my horizon
on any ordinary day,
there is no trace of this beauty,
for all is blanketed in grey.

But the snow-capped peaks are there,
though clouds hide them from my view.
And I anxiously anticipate
clear skies, when they’ll show through.

I never fully realized
how much my horizon inspired me,
until my family moved
and there were no peaks to see.

I would look to my horizon,
without even meaning to,
and I’d be caught up short
by the flat, empty view.

The sky was clear and sunny
almost every single day!
But where were the mountain peaks
as I went about my way?

Mountain peaks on horizons
are something special to look for.
They’re sort of like goals in life,
or a purpose to live for.

When your life has purpose
it inspires what you do.
Goals on your horizon
are something to look forward to.

Even when the clouds of life
blanket everything in grey,
your “mountain peak” goals are there.
They don’t go away.

Purpose on your horizon
inspires you to push through,
cause you know that eventually
you’ll be rewarded with a view.

The purpose in my life,
before my family’s move,
was to homeschool my two children.
It inspired all that I’d do.

Even through the struggles,
and through the clouds of grey,
this “mountain” on my horizon
gave purpose to my days.

Then my family moved.
I lost my “mountain view”
for homeschooling was no longer
what I was called to do.

Our move was one of launching
the kids out on their own.
It’s time for them to leave the nest
now that they are grown.

These past two years have been, for me,
a flat, empty view.
God, what is my purpose now?
God, what do I do?

I no longer have a “mountain”
on my horizon far away.
I no longer have a purpose
for how to spend my days.

God please give me purpose.
God I want to serve you.
Is there any new “mountain”
that I can look forward to?

Here in my empty
flatness all around,
one day on my horizon,
a purpose I found.

There were 45 sailors,
overseas, on board the STOUT.
They were lonely and were homesick.
I could love them and reach out.

Once again my life had purpose.
My horizon had a “view.”
I had 45 new “kids”
that I could pour God’s love into.

But this “mountain peak” was brief,
and in no time it was gone.
God, in his goodness, brought
another “peak” along.

A young military couple
totally turned our lives around.
Through our friendship with them,
brand new purpose we have found.

When we said our last goodbyes,
and we gave them final hugs,
through our tears we came to realize –
young couples we’re to love.

Cause we know what it feels like
to be totally alone.
To try to raise a family
in a town where you’re not known.

We know what it feels like
to have no one to be there,
when you’re struggling to survive
and there is no one to care.

Young couples who are transplants
far away from home,
who are beaten down by life,
need to know they’re not alone.

As we head back to Seattle,
our “mountain peak” is there –
lots of young couples
who need God’s love and care.

So what’s on your horizon?
What inspires your view?
Has God given you a passion
for what you’re called to do?

If you find that your horizon
is empty, flat, and bare,
God can bring about  new passion,
for you, even there.

So look to the horizon!
Expect to see great things!
Pour God’s love out freely
in your passions, goals, and dreams!