Relax Today in This Simple Truth

Relax Today in This Simple Truth

Matt and I are very smart people. We make it our goal not to own anything too complicated or fancy, because with the ownership comes breakdowns and repair bills, which we cannot afford.

For example, it’s good to know someone who owns an expensive boat and maybe sometime they’ll invite you to go to the lake with them. Then when the motor stops working, you express your sincere condolences and go home with no worries of your own. (Don’t tell our boat-owning friends I’m saying this!)

We bought kayaks for this very reason. They’re made of one giant piece of plastic, with no mechanical parts that might malfunction. Even then, during a rambunctious family reunion competition on the lake, little hooks were broken on the front storage compartment. A thoughtful cousin sent us replacements, so we were off the hook there. (Get it? Off the hook?)

Anyway, better not to own anything is what I say.

Which is why I decided to memorize Psalm 74:16(HCSB) the other day, after coming across it in my Bible reading.

The day is Yours, also the night;

You established the moon and the sun.

These simple statements are found in the middle of a turbulent song. Asaph sings, “Why have You rejected us forever, God?” He continues singing about adversaries that roar and mock and destroy like beasts. “God, how long will the foe mock?”

Asaph re-orients his thinking. Everything around us is bad, but God put the moon and sun in place. He has a big power over all of this.

The day belongs to the Lord, and like I said –it’s better not to own anything, because if you do then you have to repair it when it breaks.

The night belongs to the Lord, too, so if we’re not happy with the presidential candidate or the state of the country, well, the weight of it all doesn’t fall on our shoulders. We vote. We own that part. But the darkness belongs to the Lord, so he’s going to have to be the one who repairs the complicated parts that aren’t working.


Will you write down Psalm 74:16 and memorize it today? Let the truth of God’s ownership infiltrate and inform all of your thinking.