Are You Looking for Encouragement in Homemaking?

Are You Looking for Encouragement in Homemaking?

Our dear friends stopped in for an unexpected visit a few days ago. As my friend left, she sighed, “Your place is so tidy. I just want to stay and sit down.”

This is the friend who has known me for more than two decades. We’ve raised our kids together. We’ve had open pantries for each other’s last-minute dinner emergencies. We’ve cried over parenting frustrations. We’ve lived one block away from each other for years, which means she has seen my life at its ugliest.

More than anyone, my friend knows that dropping in unexpectedly and finding my home tidy is a big deal.

Sometimes I wish I could say to my grown kids, “Wait! Come back! I think I’m figuring this thing out!

And how about you, friends? Are you totally killing this homemaking thing, or is the homemaking thing totally killing you?

If you struggle with homemaking and could use some wisdom in that area, I want to tell you about an opportunity. Have you ever heard of Jami Balmet at Well, she contacted me in August and asked if I would contribute a video for her annual, online homemaking course.

The word “video” made me break into a sweat. I’ve done this blog thing, but speaking in front of a camera? Uncomfortable.

But you guys, that very morning I had been praying, palms open, about my life. I had been asking the Lord, “So what next? What do you want me to do next?” And in the same hour I prayed came the email from Jami, “Would you do this video?”

I answered, “I would love to!” really fast, before my great cowardice could have a say in the matter.

A few weeks ago, my daughter came over and did the video. She was so nice, smiling at me from behind the camera. (Well, I told her she had to smile and act like everything I said was the bomb, even if it wasn’t.) I imagined myself talking to all of you, and that made it easier.

My topic is “Balance in Motherhood,” and in the conference I am sharing 10 ways to handle the complexity of motherhood –valuable lessons I’ve learned mostly the hard way.

So anyway, I asked the Lord what he wants me to do next, and this is it! Now I’m sharing with you the opportunity to be a part of this online conference. If you sign up in the next four days, you’ll get free supplies mailed to you in the actual mail –a tote bag and stuff in it. (Why do women like tote bags? I do not know, but I’ll do practically anything to get a new bag.)

To register, click this link:

2016 Homemaking Conference

I think my favorite thing about this conference is that you can watch it live or watch the videos as you have time. And during the live showing, I’ll be available on Facebook for an hour after my video, just to chat. I’m looking forward to that.

King Solomon tells us:

Get wisdom, get understanding…  (Proverbs 4:5a)

If you’re hungry for more wisdom in building your home, join me online!

With love from Montana,