Expand Your View of God’s Love for You

Expand Your View of God's Love for You  -christyfitzwater.com

He did the best he could with the words he had, but he never could have imagined life in an airplane. How the flight attendant would announce that laptops would have to be shut down before coming down to 10,000 feet.

How I would look out my window and see clouds underneath me.

And the Tetons out the right-hand window.

Cars the size of ants.

My ears popping with altitude change.

King David sang:

I will praise you, O Lord…for great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.  (Psalm 58:10 NIV)

But David could not have imagined the climbing, climbing, climbing of a jet and what it was like for something so great as a plane to reach so far. So high.

“It’s always amazing to me,” I tell my husband, “that such a weighty plane can lift up off the ground. An impossible miracle of engineering.”

Feels the same, doesn’t it? The weight of God’s love and faithfulness going that high. An impossible miracle –his love for us.

The sky is so big.