Let Prayer Catch Your Anxiety off Guard

I walked into school anxious. I’m still pretty new at this teacher thing and often feel like a kid whose a bit wobbly on brand new ice skates. I was breathing deeply, trying to think courageous thoughts.

My first stop is always the teachers’ work room where the mailboxes are. My box is usually empty, but yesterday there was a business-sized card in it. On the card were four steps to praying.

I don’t know who put this in my box, but I’m pretty sure it was God via the hands of somebody on staff.

I stopped right there and prayed through all four of those steps.

They weren’t new steps.

I had prayed them many hundreds of times before.

But the gift caught me off guard and prompted me to pray well and at the perfect time.

Prayer is the answer to your anxiety.  -christyfitzwater.com

Maybe you could use this little bookmark tucked into your day? Check out the “ch@t prayer pattern” free printable.

We get all panicky and forget the simple talking to God.