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The Great Thing About Tomorrow

Honestly? I had myself a little weep in the car on the way home yesterday. This teaching thing is hard, probably because I bounce out of bed planning to be Ms. Perfect Teacher of the Universe and, well, you know.

Actually, I was the Perfect Teacher for a few minutes yesterday. It’s like an eclipse –you have to be there to see it when it happens, and then it’s over.

But there is tomorrow.

Friend or foe, tomorrow?

Seems a bit foe-ish, because once again I’ll make perfect plans in the morning and they very well might go cattywampus by seventh period. Or maybe they’ll land better than expected. Only God knows.

One thing’s for sure. I’m gonna love those people.

I’m gonna love the quiet ones to whom I have to say, What? When I call roll.

And I’m gonna love those rowdy ones to whom I have to say, Shh, quiet, work 17 kajillion times in 45 minutes.

Because living is for people. Sometimes I forget and think living is all about my job or my chores, but no.

“If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing right.” (James 2:8 NIV)

Tomorrow's success is based on this one thing.  -christyfitzwater.com

Let’s give it another go, shall we?


  1. Praying that tomorrow will go closer to plans, but I think you definitely have the right of it! It’s possible that your days are going according to God’s plans instead of your own…. only He knows which of those people need to see your IMperfections and how God allows you to rise above them. They are watching you for more than just the perfect moments. Thank you for being His vessel. <3 Heart Hugs

    1. You are so, so, so right. They are watching for more than just the perfect moments (I may need to quote you on that!) Thanks for this reminder.

  2. Oh, fine! Hahaha. I left my house running this morning because the crowd of people and four milling dogs made me want to shout! I got out without snapping at anyone but I was so harried I wanted to cry! So, of course, the Lord gave you these words today! Hahaha. Thank you. It has helped my perspective.

    Bless you! Bless your day. I pray you get to love on your people today.

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