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Do You Have Spiritual Common Sense?

My book proposal is on my agent’s desk right now.  A few days ago she said she was looking at it and would get back to me soon.  And so goes this conversation with my husband:

ME:  I haven’t heard back from my agent yet.

MATT:  What do you think is happening?

ME:  She hates my book proposal and thinks it’s the stupidest thing a human being has ever written, and she’s taking a few days to decide how to tell me gently that I should never try writing again. 

MATT:  ORRRRRR, she secretly submitted it to publishers, and five of them are fighting to give you the best contract, and she’s trying to figure out how not to overwhelm you with all the choices.

(We might have large imaginations at this house.)

Common sense tells me my agent is a good and kind woman who is insanely busy and will get to me as soon as she can.

The same conversations take place regarding what God is up to.

Like right now my whole life is on His desk, and I’m waiting to hear from Him on everything.  Should I get a job?  What about my writing?  What direction should I go in ministry at church?  It’s easy to let my thoughts wander to ridiculous places.

But common sense tells me God has brought me to this quiet, uncommitted, no-direction-yet place in life as preparation for the next thing He wants me to do.

Solomon says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  (Proverbs 3:5  NIV)

Lean not on your own wild imagination.

A little common sense, please.

Things are quiet on my end, and the phone is not ringing.  That does not mean things are quiet on God’s end.

Do you have spiritual common sense?  -christyfitzwater.com

I was in the store recently and crossed the path of a friend whose husband was found to have cancer a few weeks ago.  He’s already had two surgeries.  She looked bone weary.

I said, Do you feel like your legs have been knocked out from underneath you?

She shook her head, Yes.

Spiritual common sense is needed in these times when we can’t get our footing -when life is uncertain and our thoughts take us to places we don’t want to go.

Lean not on your own imagination.

What’s happening on our end is not an indicator that God is doing nothing on His end.

So we trust.  It’s the practical thing to do.


  1. What’s happening on our end is not an indicator that God is doing nothing on His end.
    So we trust. It’s the practical thing to do…….
    Great reminder, I tell myself this often…the trouble is I don’t remember straight away…worry..then realise…of course as you said my perspective is not godly perspective. So much going on and must remember to trust Him and His timing
    Thanks for expressing this so well

    1. It really helps me to keep a journal of the amazing things God does in my life. Sometimes I go back and read it -then it seems ridiculous that I am worrying!

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