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A New Kind of Romance

A New Kind of Romance -christyfitzwater.com

Last year we used Christmas money and invested in two kayaks. We could see our last little bird (with very big feet and a penchant for bow ties) flying out of the nest soon, and those two kayaks were our declaration that we would continue to enjoy each other when the nest became quiet.

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary (or Anna-very-sorry, as my dad would say), and our stinkin’ kids keep stealing the limelight with graduations and weddings. But the blog is my space, and I claim it for our celebration today.

One time I had a college girl tell me she didn’t want to get married, because wouldn’t it get boring after a few years?

Foolish child.

A most beautiful vine has grown up to cover the façade of our marriage, and it makes me feel alive and even more smitten on the inside than I ever experienced in our early years of marriage. Definitely not boring.

Matt and I have fallen into a rhythm of sharing the good news of Christ as a joint venture. We have the exciting conversations, about the joy he feels when he dunks a child under the baptismal waters and the pride I feel when he captures the attention of a congregation with the truth of God. He rejoices with me when one of my blog posts makes a difference in your walk with God.

Like two kayaks setting in at the same place on a river, caring about people’s souls in tandem.

Paul says to the believers:

The man who plants and the man who waters have one purpose… (1 Corinthians 3:8 NIV)

One purpose –now that is romantic.

That preacher man of mine planting the seed of truth every week. Me coming alongside on the blog with a watering can. It gives our relationship a strong sense of direction and adventure, as we constantly look to see how the people we love are growing in relationship with God. 

Twenty-four years together, and marriage keeps getting better.

Married or single, you can also be a fellow worker with God. You can wake up and have a defined purpose, to share the good news of Christ’s saving love in your own unique way.

Grab a kayak and put in.


  1. Congratulations on twenty eight years of marriage! I appreciated your blog as always. May God bless you and your husband during the rest of your journey together as you walk together with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Well, we haven’t bought kayaks, and I’m not promising to any time soon, but we are also 24 years married and I can also say that without ANY doubt, life together gets better with every year that passes.
    I can’t put my finger on *why*, but I can vouch for a deeper love, deeper joy, deeper ‘comfortableness’ together, deeper love for the Lord…
    Happy anniversary – ours isn’t until August, but may we both have many happy and blessed years together ahead of us 🙂
    Anne x

    1. Thanks for sharing this. People need the encouragement that marriage can endure and get better. A happy anniversary to you, too!

  3. So beautiful
    Speaks life and hope to my soul
    Thank you

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