10 Reasons Why I Love Following Jesus

10 Reasons Why I Love Following Jesus -christyfitzwater.com

“When can we start listening to Christmas music?” a student asked.

“After Thanksgiving and not a day before!” I barked. (Wow, don’t ask the teacher that question again.)

No holiday jumping in this house, people. (Although my husband would like to point out that I will demand a trip to the forest for a Christmas tree the very day after Thanksgiving.)

But this is the season set aside to give thanks out loud, and I like that. We should be thankful as often as we breathe in and out, but it’s nice to lift the action of gratitude to an official position.

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good.  (1 Chronicles 16:34 KJV)

Why I Love Following Jesus

He allows me to come to him in all of my stormy weather patterns.

He offers hope that I can and will become a better woman every day.

He’s awake in the night when my fears are huge monsters.

He loves me and proved it.

If I ask for encouragement, he gives it to me.

He has resurrected my father and my grandparents from the grave, and I will get to see them again.

He is a straight line when so much in my culture has gone crooked.

He kindly shows me when I’m doing something wrong and how to fix it.

He invites me to serve him when we both know I’m unworthy.

He makes beautiful things like sunflowers and pumpkins and coffee beans.

Okay, dear friends, add your own thankfulness in the comment section.

Let me hear why you love following Jesus.


  1. Alisha Linn says:

    Because He’ll always be a true listening friend when you’re feeling lonely. Great reasons above, Christy…

  2. Jessica Diaz says:

    He is the same no matter how close or far I am. He loves me.

  3. I love that He’s always there to love and comfort me when I’m feeling hurt or alone.

  4. His joy is my strength. In this season with a terminally ill mama, when joy feels like it’s being choked by worry and greif, I can call on his name, and claim truth. He meets me, bear hugs me, weeps with me, but ultimately laughs and smiles with me. I am thankful for His goodness and light in darkness. I am never alone. He is never afraid to meet me in the beautiful ugly of this season. I am thankful for all the precious last moments and new beginnings He is simultaneously gifting our family with. I am thankful to watch my mama breath out and breath in Jesus everyday, confident she is going to see Him face to face. It is well with my soul.

    1. Oh Lindsey, I’m so sorry for this sad season. Thank you for your beautiful testimony here, and may you feel the Lord’s nearness as your heart grieves.

  5. He gives me peace and joy in the midst of trials.
    He offers hope when circumstances say there isn’t any.
    He has helped 2 selfish people learn to sacrifice and love each other so that we could be happier than ever as we celebrated 27 years of marriage this month.
    He more than provides for my needs; He provides variety in taste, texture, color, smell, appearance.
    He is abundant in His blessings!

    1. That is a new thought to me -to thank God for variety in all of those things.

  6. Susan Pollard says:

    because he loves me!

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