You Need Some Cheer for Your Heart

“Look at your phone,” my husband said, with great urgency, on Wednesday morning.

Someone is hurt, I thought. Cue worst-case-scenario thoughts.

“It’s nothing bad,” he said, after he saw my expression of terror.

There was a picture from our son, and it was this:

You Need Some Cheer for Your Heart

Okay, so a selfie with a camel. I could see the dignified university buildings in the background, rising in snooty disdain over the Campus Activities Board’s playful salute to “hump day.”

And where did they find a camel in central Texas?

Google: Local camel rentals. Go.

Before the text came in from my boy, I had spent a sleepless night. I was praying for a student I was concerned about. Then I would take a break and worry about an assignment I had given to my students that was too hard, and what was I going to do about that? I woke up with my eyebrows furrowed deep. An anxiety hangover.

Then the camel picture, and how could I look at my boy with that camel and not smile.

King Solomon gives the young men in his kingdom this truth to think about:

A cheerful heart is good medicine…  (Proverbs 17:22)

When we are cheerful, it brings a healing effect to our whole being, and it’s contagious. Where does this cheerfulness come from? It comes from knowing Jesus.

And Jesus made camels.

Jesus also made the 4-year-old who told me yesterday that the reason we couldn’t see the clouds was because the sky was so gray.

Jesus made coffee beans. That was a great idea.

Jesus made high school students. I’ll never forget the day we lost 10 minutes of a lesson because a ladybug flew into the room, and there was actually a lot to discuss about ladybugs. Jesus made ladybugs, too.

Jesus made wheat. (I’m thinking of fresh tortillas when I say that.)

Jesus made pine trees. I wish you could smell the fresh Christmas tree in my living room.

Jesus made the minds of the men who thought there should be a camel in the center of campus for a day. Just ‘cause.

The best homeopathic remedy is knowing Jesus, the Creator. He sends good cheer to us all the time, but we have to pay attention to receive it.

What has God sent to cheer your heart lately?


  1. Seeing your son with a camel took my mind off excruciating back pain. THANKS!! I really needed that!!

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry your back hurts. I’ve had friends who live with chronic pain, and it really takes its toll on the spirit. I’m glad the ridiculous camel could make you smile. God sees you and cares!

  2. Love this! Brought a smile to my face, as well! Yes, God made so many things that can cheer our spirits and warm our hearts…God is good!

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