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Who Can Show Us Any Good?

Who Can Show Us Any Good?  -christyfitzwater.com

If a blog post could somehow be a steaming latte in your favorite flavor (coconut milk for my friend who can’t have dairy), I would surprise you at work with 16 ounces today, along with a high-calorie glazed doughnut and a long hug. Because it seems like most everybody in my little circle is having a hard, hard time.

There is such a crazy amount of work stress for some of you right now that I think you should get a medal just for showing up again today.

And some of you are sad, almost to the point that I can’t bear to look you in the eyes for the pain of it.

Some of you sweet people have major stuff that needs to go well for you this year, or what are you going to do?

I’ve been praying for you, by name and usually with a groan to the Lord on your behalf. Because I know you need more than an expensive beverage and a doughnut to get you through this season.

I’ve been asking, Lord, how will my friends and family get through their trials?

The Lord, in his great kindness, answered my question. (And here I admit that I stole today’s amazing blog post title straight from King David’s song lyrics.)

Many are asking, “Who can show us any good?”

Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD.

Psalm 4:6 (NIV)

We long to see something good.



I went upstairs yesterday morning, to give Matt a haircut. Squint when you walk past the table! he said.

Because the sun was pouring in through the patio doors, and the table was reflecting the light in a way that blinded the eyes when you walked by.

Sunshine is a significant event if you live in Kalispell, where more days than not we have clouds. The ski resort sells t-shirts that say, “Got fog?” Because you have to go high on the mountain during the winter, if you want to remember what the sun looks like. No one but the Seattle folks appreciate a ray of sunshine more than Kalispell people do.

In this hard season, we need a glimpse of good, but we tend to look for that good in a change of circumstances. David, however, tells us what we really need is for God’s face to shine on us.

A glimpse of God right now –in the middle of all that is hard.

Please Lord, I ask. For all the people weighted down with struggle, won’t you please give us a reason to squint?

Good news:

We don’t have to wait for everything to get easier or for news to break or for grief to let up, in order to experience something good. We just need God to turn his brilliant face on us right now.

Warmth that soaks into your bones.

Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD.