When Life Feels Like Walking Into a Room Full of Strangers

A few years ago I went to Matt’s 20th high school reunion with him. Would you like to know how excited I was to walk into a room full of a few hundred people whom he knew and I did not? I was really hoping for a stomach bug that would keep me home, but no luck there.

From the minute we arrived, I kept my hand tucked into his arm. No way was I going anywhere in that room full of strangers except in his shadow, and I stayed close to him all evening.

This world we live in is like attending a reunion that’s not ours.

And the anchor, the thing to tuck one’s arm into every second –and never let go –is the gospel of Christ. 

When life feels like walking into a room full of strangers.   -christyfitzwater.com

All night long Matthew made introductions. This is______, and I remember we________. The only way I connected during the party was through Matt’s perspective.

Matt’s memories.

Matt’s fun times.

Matt’s friendships.

That tipsy person standing by the bar was quite a party-er in high school, he would whisper into my ear and steer me away.

That girl was popular, he would say.

I sang in choir with him –what a great guy! Let me introduce you.

Everyone, every experience came to me filtered by my husband.

This is how we must live: Sticking close to the gospel of Christ’s death and resurrection. Refusing to leave His pierced side for even a minute.

The gospel making every introduction, explaining every event.

The gospel filtering relationships.

The gospel steering us away from bad influence.

The gospel telling us what is joy and what is good and right.

Jesus says, “Remain in me, and I will remain in you.”  (John 15:4  NIV)

If life seems like an overwhelming party full of strangers, tuck your hand into the arm of Christ.




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