Tired of One Crazy Season After Another?

Both kids were gone yesterday afternoon, so Matt and I found shade in the backyard and sat down in our plastic green Adirondack chairs. Besides watching our black lab (Tell Sackett –named after a Louis L’Amour character) chase flies, we had a nice hour to talk about life and listen to the humming birds.

We looked back at the major events of the last few years and forward to the major events on the horizon, coming to this conclusion: Life always has major events.

Profound. You may quote us if you would like.

David sings, “The Lord is my shepherd…he leads me beside quiet waters.” (Psalm 23:2 NIV)

I certainly don’t think of a placid sea when I ponder David’s life. It looks more like lions, giants, crazy king, constant battles, and family upheaval –one exhausting event after the other.

So I’m thinking that quiet waters thing must be internal.

There’s something inside me that hopes for a calm life and looks eagerly for it around the next bend, but usually it’s an exchange of events that happens instead of a ceasing of them.

So I reach out to the good shepherd and look for him to speak peace into my soul right now.

What to pray if you're tired of the crazy season you're in.  -christyfitzwater.com

This is the richness of knowing Christ –not having to wait for every circumstance to be hunky dory before we can know a quiet heart.