Leaning into Grateful as a Beauty Treatment

Leaning into Grateful as a Beauty Treatment -christyfitzwater.com

Beautiful people smile and thank God for things often instead of focusing on all that is wrong in life. It makes the face light up and forms happy wrinkles in just the right places.

To save you money in the makeup aisle, you may borrow from this gratitude list I scratched out while I ate a hot waffle:

Ten Things I’m Grateful for Today

I am literate.

My family lives on more than a dollar a day. (You should watch this documentary.)

My mother-in-law is kind.

I own my own Bible.

We have abundant electrical lighting in every room of our home.

I get to choose what to wear in the morning.

I have a good friend who will loan me anything out of her pantry at a moment’s notice.

Lots of people told me about Jesus when I was little.

My mom and dad laughed together most every day.

Today I will have the privilege of seeing other human faces.

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

(1 Chronicles 16:34 NIV)