Know for Sure Who Hears Your Every Word

I confess that I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics buying body parts for my Spanish class. Every year when Halloween approaches, I go on the hunt for some new visual to help teach body vocabulary. So far I have a skeleton (Mr. Bones), a pair of waxed lips, and, as of today, a giant set of googly eyes that are four inches in diameter. Best find ever.

But that’s not what I’m here to say, as fascinating as that is.

Really I want to have a small cow about the title of an article that I noticed while I was in the check-out line.

There was this beautiful magazine for creatives. The cover was warm, in muted, earthy colors, so I scanned the headlines on the front. My eyes landed on an article title that read, “The Universe Is Listening.” You’ve got to be kidding me. I plopped down my purse and googly eyes on the floor and grabbed the magazine, thumbing through until I found the article. It was lovely, really, except that the author was encouraging writers to get their words onto paper –because the universe is listening?

You and I need to talk about this.

The universe is an it, and what we need is a who.

We need someone who is listening to our words –someone good and powerful and kind and maybe even a little terrifying. Someone who can fix our stuff and who gets us in all of our quirky strangeness. Someone who is awake when no one else is and who has a wider band of vision than we do. Someone who delights in us because we belong to him. Someone with our names written on his hand.

Universe. Pshaw.

David writes this song for us to sing:

Know that the LORD has set apart the godly for himself; the LORD will hear when I call to him.  (Psalm 4:3 NIV)

The one who made the universe (you know that’s right) will hear when we call to him, because he set us apart for himself when we believed in his Son. Don’t let the pretty magazine cover fool you into thinking you can just toss your words out there into a dark night of stars and they’ll grow ears to hear you.

You are known and loved by a God who is alive. He is listening for your voice.


  1. I am so very glad that when nobody has the time or the patience to listen to me, He does. Sometimes I just want to express how I feel in the moment. My words in that moment can only be understood by Him. His Word tells me that He inclines His ear toward me. Thank goodness I’m that valuable that He will “incline” His ear toward me! What love is that!

  2. I have a friend with similar thought patterns that the universe is listening and we are just energy and go back to energy that just flows around and other weird stuff.

    I continue to pray for her salvation and pour in the love whenever I can.

    She lost a daughter two years ago now and I have no idea how she does it without God. Please pray for her.

  3. Yes, girl! Yes!

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