For Everyone Who Has Ever Misspoken

When I said hi at church, my dear friend smiled and said, My cookie exchange is December 14th.

This cookie exchange has been an annual event I’ve enjoyed for several years, as I have made my 12 dozen wedding cookies and layered them carefully in a festive Christmas box. My friend has a beautiful home and creates a lovely time, with hot cider and cocoa and sweet time to chat with girlfriends.

The regret of having misspoken is followed by the hope that Christ can make this stop happening.  -christyfitzwater.com

So on Saturday when she invited me to her party, naturally I said, Are you kidding me? My stress level is up to here (holding a flat palm above my head). With this new job of mine, I can’t even manage to cook dinner for my family, let alone bake anything!

About as soon as that was out of my mouth, the band started playing the opening praise music, and I had to take my seat for church.

I felt immediate remorse. Idiot. (We do say those scathing things to ourselves at times.)

Why couldn’t I have said a sweet, Thank you so much for the invitation, but I’m afraid I can’t participate this year.

Then my preacher husband stood up and talked about how hopeless we are in our sinfulness. (Amen, preach it!) He said God has accepted the sacrifice of his Son on our behalf and subsequently has deposited a vault full of righteousness into our account.

Righteousness: Doing what is right.

Saying what is right.

Ah, how sweet it would be to never again worry about having a foot in the mouth.

Listen to how The Voice translation of the Bible describes what Christ did in the beginning of all things:

“His speech shaped the entire cosmos.” (John 1:3)

This Christ and his words have come to live inside those of us who follow him, which means his cosmos-shaping speech will most certainly take rule over our own.

Let every woman with a wayward tongue give thanks to the Lord for the hope of righteous words.