Don’t Fall for the Illusion That You Lack

Don't Fall for the Illusion That You Lack

I sat down at the computer last week and wrote the very exciting email to you, that my third book just hit the presses. Woohoo! Except I wanted to insert an image of the book into the email and soon hit a brick wall of ignorance. The image was on my Google drive and I needed it somewhere else. Depending on your age, you’ll either groan in sympathy for my trials of technology or you’ll shrug your shoulders and think, What’s the big deal?

I’m 50. That’s the big deal. I took a typing class in high school and learned how to run a cassette recorder in my college A-V class. That’s the big deal.

Well, I couldn’t figure out how to move the image, so I did what any sensible woman would do in that situation: burst into tears and shut down my computer. Because that helps.

The next day, I was thinking about my technology problem again, and the Spirit of God said to me, “Why are you acting like someone who has no resources?”

Me: squinchy guilt face.

So I did this deeply spiritual act, which only the most mature of Christians knows how to do: I prayed.

“No way,” you say.

“Yes way,” I say.

I prayed a belated prayer: Lord, could you help me get that image into my email? I can’t do it.

You know what happened. God sent my daughter over to my house and I said, “Hey, do you think you could move this image for me?” I left my office and went to the bathroom, because I couldn’t watch. When I came back, it was done.

“There ya go,” she said.

There ya go, the Spirit said.

Consider this lyric David wrote:

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. (Psalm 23:1 NIV)

Dr. Caroline Leaf says our adversary, the Devil, is an illusionist who has no power. Wanting for something is an illusion created by the Devil. We feel like we lack what we need for life, because Wormtongue whispers lies in our ears. Jesus tells the truth and backs it with power. He makes it clear he can supply everything we need, in abundance.

The problem, for me, is that when I truly need something, I immediately think I have to take care of filling the need myself, and that’s when I feel the lack of resources. I lack technology savvy and financial resources and character and wisdom. I do lack when I’m trying to do things on my own. Pastor Freddy DeAnda says we love to say the LORD is our shepherd, but we hate admitting we’re sheep. We despise and avoid the crucial step of saying, “I need help.”

We are needy creatures.

So my suggestion for you today is that you stop leaning on your own very limited resources. Ask for help and expect to get it.


  1. Hi Christy!
    You may not know but I broke my foot 3 weeks ago right in the beginning of the busiest time of our business. I would be lying if I said I handled the news well. I’ve had my share of fits and worries on how everything was going to be accomplished and whether it would be done “the right way” (because, of course, I’m the only one who can do it the right way) 😉 The Lord knew months ago that this would happen and brought 3 amazing ladies to help me in our vacation rental turnovers. Even so, I still fretted. Your blog post today was so needed! Thank you, friend! P.S. Purchased “Moving in Close”…figured I have 5 more weeks of couch time and am eager to dive in. 🙂

    1. Oh Alisha, no way! I’m so sorry! I’m finding it really takes practice to hit the mental brakes and say, “No, I do NOT lack what I need for this season.” I pray the Lord will keep providing everything you need for your business and for your heart. And thanks for buying my book! I hope it proves to be beneficial for you. Love you!

  2. Lindsey Norman says:

    Yes and amen. Why is it that I forget the simplest things are on His agenda too? If anything, even the smallest thing, is out of my reach, I need to remember that it’s easily within His reach. …And the part about hating to admit I’m a sheep ?…so humbling and true!

  3. Claudia C Chapman says:

    I’m smiling now at the image you just painted! I became somewhat proficient with computer programs when I worked 20 years ago, but since then technology passed me by like I’m standing still. I share your frustrations, and I no longer have my college educated children close enough to rescue me!
    What a sweet reminder you shared today. I’m a slow learner, or a type A first-born control-freak, actually all three. This past year with serious issues coming up day after day in my life, God has given me multiple opportunities to stop, consider that I CANNOT solve the issue at hand, and pray. I’m getting so much faster at The Handoff…”here’s another one, Lord!” What peace comes when we do this and trust Him? I’m looking forward to reading your book.

    1. The Handoff. I love that expression!!! I’m all three of those things, too -the type A, first-born, control freak. Definitely takes more dying to self for our personalities to admit we need help!

  4. Ohmygoodness if there was ever a post that was e.x.a.c.t.l.y. what I needed to hear on a particular morning, this was IT. (Plus it dovetailed nicely with Oswald Chambers’ exhortation today to fill our minds with God’s sovereignty – His perfect control over and provision in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.)

    Thank you for your faithful witness to God’s lovingkindness in your life – it inspires and instructs me and I am grateful.

    1. Yes, I’m learning to stop and think about who God is in relation to what I need. Worship is the answer. Thanks for sharing the Chambers quote!

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