A Meditation for When the Fridge Goes Out

Sunday we loaded up the car and drove to our favorite little park in Lakeside, on Flathead Lake. From there we took a leisurely stroll (1.6 miles –we know because afterward Matt had to clock it) on the road that hugs the lake. It was the perfect day, with not a cloud in the sky and sunny temperature combined with the contrast of snow-covered mountain peaks.

It was easy to think of God in this place. How great He was. How good and kind and magnificent.

The fridge went out on the same weekend. We threw out all the thawed food that was in the freezer, along with dairy products in the fridge. The rest of the food went into coolers. We were fairly confident that this 11-year-old fridge was DOA.

In our minds, we imagined our humble savings account evaporating into the wind. That was depressing.

Monday morning I went out to mow the lawn, and I saw the refrigerator repairman pull into the driveway. Would he have good news or bad for this old fridge of ours?

Not so easy to think of God in this place. How great He is. How good and kind and magnificent.

But a truth came to mind while I was mowing: “…the Lord is good…” (Psalm 100:5 NIV)

The Lord is good.

He rescued my soul through the blood of Christ. He gave me a luscious green lawn to mow in one of the most beautiful towns in Montana. He provided us a fridge and the food to put in it –often so much food that I had to work to find room for everything. He graciously allowed us to get out of debt and build an emergency savings account. He matched me to this excellent husband who said, I’m kind of excited that things are hard financially right now, so we can see what God will do.

As the outdoor garbage sack filled with grass, my heart filled with praise. I could see God’s magnificent grace -blessings as numerous as grass blades filling my life.

What Does Your Heart Cry When the Fridge Goes Out?  -christyfitzwater.com

The repairman came out and announced that we just needed a new part, and our fridge would be working again in a few days at a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

The Lord has been good to us once again.

But there is a rich closeness to be had with God when we look and choose to see His goodness on the front end of knowing how things will turn out. To develop a bias of belief that the Lord is good allows us to experience joy before the repairman says the verdict on the refrigerator or the doctor announces the diagnosis or the grade is posted or the relationship is restored.

Will you believe the Lord is good before He shows His hand?