Go Ahead And Ask Jesus about Every Little Need

Go Ahead And Ask Jesus about Every Little Need -christyfitzwater.com

Her number shows up on my cell phone regularly, and her first words are apologetic. “It’s me again. Your friend who went to the store and forgot to buy a main ingredient for dinner tonight.” She’s sorry to be bothering me, but would I happen to have any cheddar cheese for tacos?


On my side of the phone, I’m thinking, I hope I have exactly what she needs!

“Yes, I just went to Costco,” I say. “How much cheddar cheese do you need?”

Soon she’s at the doorstep, and I am handing her cheese because I love her. It makes me happy any time I can make her life better.

When Jesus was born, the angels sang:

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. (Luke 2:14 KJV)

Good will: Kindly intent, benevolence.

This is how Jesus feels about us every day. He loves to see our number show up on his cell phone. Jesus has kindly intentions towards us, and it makes him happy to show benevolence when we need something.

“You can call any time,” I tell my dear friend. “I never get tired of hearing from you, and if I have anything in my pantry that you need, you can have it.”

“Ask,” Jesus says. “Keep asking.” (Matthew 7:7) He insists that we come to him for everything at all hours of the day. We never bother him. He never sighs with annoyance that we’re here again.

Always good will.

So what little need would you like to bring to Jesus today?