A Fun Way to Surprise Your People

Dear friends, I am resting from blogging today to enjoy my family, but I am sharing with you this post that I wrote a few years ago. It’s one of my favorite Christmas stories.

May God bring a rich and unexpected merriment to your Christmas celebrations.

A Fun Way to Surprise Your People  -christyfitzwater.com

Because we’re a pastor’s family, Christmas Eve is a fast-paced work night. We’re usually involved in the Christmas Eve services and don’t get to enjoy each other until later that evening.

But one year was different.

The church decided to provide a meal, in between the two evening services, for those who were working in the services in some capacity. When our family walked into the room for dinner it was a surprise party.

The couple who cooked the meal had made a taco buffet, but they had covered the plastic tables with white linen.

The tortillas and guacamole were made from scratch.

They kept an endless supply of hot churros coming, and I decided I would give my son the gift of not counting how many he had eaten.

There was a huge bucket full of ice and fun-flavored bottled soda, which, if anyone cares to know, is the key to my husband’s heart.

What I had thought would be a hurried meal in between services turned into a soul-feeding event in itself. Instead of being apart on Christmas Eve, my family was able to relax around a beautiful table, laugh, and eat comfort food until we thought we would explode.

I think about the tasks God has given me and how very seldom I put in extra effort to do more than is required.

Paul tells the believers:

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.  (Colossians 3:23 NIV)

My grandma called it The Ritz -that extra touch of quality no one expects. What a difference we make in people’s lives when we do more than what is required of us.

What do you have going right now, to which you could add a delightful surprise of high quality?