My Father's Hands
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You want to know God, and that requires calling him “Father”. How does that make you feel? Based on your life experiences, what images come to mind with the word “father”?

This book is an invitation into my childhood home.

It’s a warm and cheerful environment with a mom and dad, lots of laughter, affection, loving discipline, and just the right amount of spoiling.

Come in.

Sit down and let me fix you a cup of tea. Watch how my dad treats me as I am growing up. See the outpouring of his love. Feel how safe it is and how a girl can thrive and become someone beautiful in this kind of father-daughter relationship.

Then, with fresh perspective gained from witnessing 52 moments between my dad and me, may you feel hopeful enough to place your life in God’s hands.

You can trust Him to be a good Father.