Making the Mundane Tasks Valuable

I had a long list of chores to do yesterday. Matt requested clean jeans; everybody needed a lunch packed; the fridge was empty, so a grocery list was in the works; and tomatoes awaited planting.

Before getting started on all of this, I sat down with my Bible and read about Solomon building the temple for the Lord.

“…the temple I build must be large and magnificent.” he says.  (2 Chronicles 2:9  NIV)

Solomon requisitions gold nails.

Many other items in the temple were overlaid with gold, and I thought, Why not just overlay with gold the part of the nail that will show? 

Solomon answers my question, “The temple I am going to build will be great, because our God is greater than all other gods.”  (2 Chronicles 2:5  NIV)

And the Lord made sure it was recorded, for all time, that gold nails were used in the building of His temple.

This is a notable appreciation of detail. 

Add value to mudane tasks.

Women build.

Maybe not a great temple but great homes for the glory of a magnificent God, and I am confident God appreciates the details we put into the mundane tasks required to make a home for our families.

God appreciates if we use the attachment to get in the tight spaces.

God appreciates when we strip a child’s bed and then remake it with Downey-fresh sheets.

God appreciates the thoughtfulness we put into making a grocery list.

Gold nails, my ladies.


  1. I know the “nails” are not the same but perhaps I’ll look for some gold nail polish to cover the grimy one’s I have now so that I can be reminded as I “work with my hands” that God appreciates the attention to detail and it’s not’s mundane to be more like Him today. Thanks for this encouragement today.

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