The Glorious Distraction

I sat in American history class in college, furiously taking notes, but every time the teacher paused I doodled on the side of the paper.


Matthew Fitzwater 

Mrs. Matthew Fitzwater 

Christy Fitzwater 

In cursive. In print. Encased in hearts. With swirls and loops. Should I write the F the unique way he does? (I decided yes, and 22 years later I still do.)


Fitzwater is so much easier to spell.

Live distracted.

Love occupies the mind and oozes into every thought. (He smells so good in Polo. I can’t wait to see him tonight.)

God’s people are given the command to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart…” (Deuteronomy 6:5 NIV)  But this is no stiff command:  Love! It’s a heart-consuming, I wonder what He’s doing right now love.


Thinking about Him all the time.

If you want this kind of love for God, try some of these disciplines:

  • Swim in the Bible every day.”  -John Piper
  • Memorize verses about God. Lots and lots of verses, until they permeate your thinking.
  • Pray while folding socks and loading the dishwasher and waiting in the dentist’s office and browning hamburger and mowing the lawn.
  • Every morning sing one hymn about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. (I highly recommend, Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross.)
  • Listen to sermons that glorify God. (Tim Keller is my new discovery!)
  • Read one prayer from The Valley of Vision every night before you go to bed.
  • Hang out with people who are in love with Jesus and who talk about Him all the time.
  • Let not even wild horses drag you away from attending church every week.
  • Obey Jesus.
  • Talk openly with others of your love for God.

The person sitting next to me in history class could glance at my notes and tell where my heart was.

The distraction of love is hard to hide.


  1. This was so beautifully written! I’m so thankful I found your blog!

  2. Okay, so I loved the way you put this. Made its truth so fresh and clear in my mind! I pray that I become hopelessly distracted. By HIm.

    (And there’s nothing quite like the fresh scent of Polo. Ah, yes. 🙂

  3. <3 it 🙂

    Yes, true love *does* occupy the mind. And yes, I'm thankful that my Saviour occupies my mind often … though I wonder if He always has 1st place. My darling husband and my four precious kids occupy a whole lot of my mind ….

    Note to self: Make HIM number 1 … ALL the time.
    Anne x

    1. That’s what I want -to focus on Jesus all the time! It’s challenging for sure.

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