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It’s Going to Be Okay

It's going to Be Okay  -christyfitzwater.com

I woke up in Wyoming, and I was one sad momma. Those men of mine were leaving Montana that morning, to meet up with me at my mom’s (where I had helped host her annual, two-day, killer garage sale.)

This was the week.

The week where we would be seeing our youngest in the rear view mirror, as we drove away and left him at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in central Texas.

So I prayed, Lord, I sure hope you’re planning to encourage me when we go to church this morning.

We got to my mom’s humble, little church, where everybody knows I’m Linda’s daughter. This is the place where I learned about Jesus every Sunday morning and Sunday night and Wednesday night for my first two decades. Hymnals rest in wooden racks on the back of the pews, and it only takes the deacons four strides to walk the length of the aisle, where they pray and then pass the offering plates.

We sang a few hymns.

Announcements, and could everyone please bring a dish to go with the fried chicken after church next Sunday.

Then the preacher’s son stood at the front with his acoustic guitar, while an older man, with a leg amputation, played guitar from his wheelchair.

It was a simple song, but when the teen got to the chorus, the Lord said to me, Here ya go –that encouragement you were asking for. The young man sang:

Nothing stays the same except Jesus.

Kids don’t stay the same. Families change. Jobs come and go. We’re healthy and then we’re not.

Nothing stays the same except Jesus.

I had a choice as he sang –either start crying and maybe not be able to stop or suck it in. I went with sucking it in.

The man in the wheelchair had written that song, the preacher told us. The man with the stump of a leg who lived with an unwelcome change every day. He wrote the words and music that God put on his heart, and through his words I felt peace that Jesus was going to be the solid place where my heart could keep its footing.

It's Going to Be Okay  -christyfitzwater.com

Through the week of travel to Texas and the two-day flurry of getting Caleb settled, I kept humming that little chorus.

Nothing stays the same, except Jesus.

God is smart and kind –sticking me with a tune, don’t you think? And you know how it is when somebody starts humming something. Pretty soon everyone in the house is singing and wondering how they got that song in their head.

So I’m passing it on to you, and I hope it’s a tune that goes round and round in your mind today, until you breathe easy and know that everything is going to be okay for you because Jesus isn’t going anywhere.


  1. Lori Cropper says:

    Thank you for the childhood memory. I even smelled the old hymnals. 🙂

  2. Sure wish I could hear it. Sounds like a very uplifting song. ♡ I’m glad you were given sweet & precious encouragement from the Lord, Christy. Blessings to your mama-heart! ♡

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